WEBINAR - Effect of Precise Assessment for Frenotomy in Ankyloglossia Infants Less Than 6-months Old on Breastfeeding Success Rate and Efficacy

Effect of Precise Assessment for Frenotomy in Ankyloglossia Infants Less Than 6-months Old on Breastfeeding Success Rate and Efficacy

Research by (Messner AH et.al,2000) showed that there are controversies in management of ankyloglossia infants among physicians. Most of lactation consultants believe that early frenectomy helps to improve breastfeeding efficacy and ensure breastfeeding success even though minority of physician's respondents believe tongue tie associated with feeding problems. The objective of this study was to show the importance of precise assessment for early frenectomy in infants less than 6 months old to improve breastfeeding success rate and this also prevents unnecessary frenectomy for whom are not indicated. This research recommends that early frenectomy significantly improve breastfeeding success rate but should not be routinely done for all ankyloglossia infants especially for whom are not having breastfeeding difficulties. A precise assessment of tongue tie and breastfeeding is very important to be performed prior to the procedure in order to prevent unnecessary frenectomy.

Credit: 1.00 L CERP and 1.00 Contact Hours

Source: ILCA Webinar 22 March 2021

Presented by: Hairin Anisa, MD

Upon completion, the learner will be able to:

1. Describe tongue tie and the impact on breastfeeding

2. Discuss proper assessment prior to frenotomy procedure, to prevent maltreatment (over or under treatment)

3. Explain the procedure of early frenotomy and its prevention of failure to breastfeed

Learning Level: Intermediate

Expiration Date: 20 May 2023

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Hairin Anisa

Pusat Rawatan Pakar Kanak-kanak Adda & Monash University Malaysia

Dr. Anisa is working as a Consultant Pediatrician and IBCLC in her ambulatory care center. Her passion in breastfeeding for the past 20 years of service drove this enthusiasm to present for ILCA about her experience in treating tongue tie to ensure successful breastfeeding in communities. There is improvement in technical skills of frenotomy that can be done in outpatient clinic with very minimal risk of bleeding. Apart from clinical service, Dr. Anisa is a founder of a networking program, Breastfeeding Counselors Networking Program (BCNP). This program provides home visits for Malaysian mothers. As fractional Pediatric lecturer in Monash University Malaysia, she has taught medical students the basic knowledge in breastfeeding and pediatric nutrition since 2014. Dr. Anisa has also published 2 books about Induced lactation guideline (in 2017) and A comic Dr Super Pot Pet (January 2020) about breastfeeding basics in creative ways.

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    I would love a copy of Hairin Anisa's assessment tool!

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Recorded 04/16/2021
Recorded 04/16/2021
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1.00 L CERP credit  |  Certificate available
1.00 L CERP credit  |  Certificate available