WEBINAR - Challenges of Health Care Providers: Father's Role in Breastfeeding

Challenges of Health Care Providers: Father's Role in Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding mothers require a lot of support in initiating and maintaining breastfeeding. Many researchers have confirmed that breastfeeding practices have physiological, psychosocial, economic and environmental advantages for children. This study is expected to benefit the health provider to support, promote, and protect breastfeeding with regards to challenges they experience while caring for their client. Literature indicates positive associations of breastfeeding practices with child health. Those babies who receive exclusive breastfeeding and optimum feeding are less likely suffer from various health problems. This study will also utilize qualitative method as an inquiry. The focus group provided an avenue to health care providers to share their awareness with regards to breastfeeding, their perspectives on the father's role and the challenges that they are facing in promoting, protecting and supporting breastfeeding.

Credit: .50 L CERP and .50 Contact Hours

Source: ILCA Webinar 15 March 2021

Presented by: Yasmin Murad Mithani, RN, IBCLC

Upon completion, the learner will be able to:

1. Describe challenges of father's role in breastfeeding.

2. Explore strategies for supporting mothers for breastfeeding.

3. Develop strategies to protect breastfeeding practices.

Learning Level: Intermediate

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Yasmin Murad Mithani, RN, IBCLC

The Woman's Hospital of Texas

Yasmin Murad Mithani works as a Registered Nurse and IBCLC at The Woman's Hospital of Texas in Houston, Texas, United States. She has competed her MSc in International Primary Care and co-authored and published an article, Emerging Role of Clinical Preceptors (CPs) at a Private University, Karachi, Pakistan in the Journal of Education and Training Studies in 2017.

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Recorded 03/15/2021
Recorded 03/15/2021
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0.50 L CERP credits  |  Certificate available
0.50 L CERP credits  |  Certificate available